Anthropic arguments towards the end of human civilization, since, hey, we're already half way there...  

Let's All Go Extinct

Are humans the next 'wave of dinosaurs'?  Science says: Yes!!!  

Here are some non-profits that you can support before we as a species get blown away/out; not unlike any such collective proverbial birthday candle:

Non-human Rights Project:  Click here ( Link ) to support the legal rights movement of your fellow Hominoids as whom do think will take our place after we are gone? Primates, Hominoids, Chimps, Orangutan, Apes, Bonobos, and so many other intelligent species (such as Marine Mammals: Whales, Dolphins) and so many other nonhumans that could very well flourish with your support...

How and why think about the future and or our future ending:  Check out the Long Now Foundation and you too can think past well....the next election. We're talking about at least 7 generations ahead (if human beings make it that far) 

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